• royal5


Sei Dai is closed for now...

because I somehow can't do it mostly alone... if anybody would want to help me to get it back into actian I would be happy...

perhaps I'll reopen it when I have more ideas and another Co-Mod ^^;
  • royal5


Okay with Maia away I have to think of something to keep this Comm alive ^^;

I'll post some ads and hope I'll find a new co-mod next to puppy...... If you have ideas you want to see in the com just tell me. And because of what happened in Japan..... I know we all have made posts about it...or some of us have. I would say that we change the 'canon' part for the Com because it's all so much of Pain and Sorrow.

If you are okay with it I'd say for our boys just the Earthquake and the tsumami happened though I would say that the Tsunami wasn't as bad.... but it's up to you. Just tell me what you say ^^;

And one thing.... our Atsushi Ryou  Mari has left us so please defriend <lj user="plieonthis">

well then.... baibai your Mod Kuro